Adobe Acrobat Buzzword

So, some may have heard that Adobe has thrown its hat into the online authoring world.

Yes – like Google Docs – Adobe now has a tool that would more or less enable someone to ‘stick it to the man’ and avoid buying Microsoft Word – just log in, get an account, and wah-la !

here is what it looks like !

Even YOU can makes a mess !

Adobe Buzzword has a nice clean easy to use interface and can let an moron like me create horrible documents and then save them as PDF or Word (that is, if someone needs to re-edit the mess you saved.)

But, please do save as PDF !

Now mind you, someone is going to say “but my moma said that PDF files are no good for real printing” – to that, I say “HORSE HOCKEY HOOWEE TO YOUEE”.



3 Responses to “Adobe Acrobat Buzzword”

  1. you can also view this document as a Flash document here —

  2. you can look at the Buzzword document here —


    that is the link to the Adobe Acrobat Buzzword document…

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